2 Must Go Restaurants In Japan by João

Hey, it’s João and welcome back to another post! Yay! This post is a tasty post! No, literally! It’s about food! It’s about 2 restaurants I really loved! And it’s gonna include a special extra that Melissa wanted me to do!

The first one is…
Kappa Sushi!
It’s really really good!
It’s a pretty big restaurant, compared to other restaurants in Japan. You sit down and there is a road which brings sushi and other stuff like cake, miso soup, but the miso soup had already finished… Heh heh… oh well.

When we went there we got a paper so each person could get a free deluxe salmon sushi. Later I’ll tell you more.
So there’s also a screen in which you can order specific sushis that you want.
Then a Shinkansen comes with the sushi you ordered. Yay!
Just look at how we eat. A LOT.

kappa sushi

The pile of plates on the first minutes of lunch

And there just happens to be more

kappa sushi

The pile of plates a while later

And more

kappa sushi

Still eating….

And guess what? MORE.

kappa sushi

When we finished eating….

Yeah, six people, six gazillions of plates.
Ok, maybe we did eat a little too much in Japan… ok, a lot.
Yeah, and that day I basically only ate salmon sushi…
And now, the deluxe salmon sushi.

kappa sushi

Deluxe salmon sushi

It basically glows in its plate. Hahaha.
It was De—–-–—licious. You don’t know how great.
Melissa didn’t want hers so I ate it. Devoured. Heh…
Ok, that hopefully made your mouth water.
Number 2.
Stamina Taro Yakiniku.
This is definitely worth going to.
It’s a meat buffet which also has sweets.
Actually, let me just show you.

japanese barbecue

Stamina Tarô Yakiniku

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.
There are so many choices of meat for you to decide. It’s incredible.
You pay for 90 minutes a person.
There’s infinite drinks, Japanese ones of course, including coke. Coke’s everywhere.
There is a grill on every single table. And since our one had a lot of people, it had two.

japanese barbecue

The grill at the table

Yeah, we ate and ate and ate. Oh, by the way, there is a dessert section. Mostly fruits and some cakes.
And after, we had candy floss. By us, I mean Coral, Melissa, and José.

I was way better than Melissa and José at doing it. And I didn’t eat any because I was full.
Gudetama Catastrophe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were at a Café based on a Japanese Character, I got little cakes, José got a melon soda float, Melissa got a weird jelly-pudding Gudetama with sweet noodles on the top thing and so did mom. Dad got a mocha with Gudetama on it. And finally, Coral got a hot chocolate, which also had a Gudetama.
Just as Coral’s hot chocolate got here, splash! It fell all over her. Poor Coral. She screamed so loud it hurts your ears. Everyone in the café looked at us. I must have been hot.
Mom went to the bathroom with Coral and dad went looking for a new shirt. Me, Melissa and José just sat there. They took a while so we started eating our stuff. Melissa didn’t like hers. I did, and José also liked his.
When dad came back his coffee was already bad, and mom had said José could eat mom’s one, he didn’t like it.
When we came out Coral was still crying. Poor thing.
Thank you for reading this post if you enjoyed please comment and like and I’ll see you next time! Bye!

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